Thursday, August 4, 2022

Humble Bundle - Essential Classic Fantasy RPG Collection


Quite simply Wow.

I own probably half the titles in this collection in print or PDF, but for 25 bucks I'm in for those that I DON'T already own.

Highlights for me are the Lost Lands Setting from Frog God Games(awesome AND open for other publishers), Highfell (Greg Gillespie at his finest), the OSE Core Books, StoneHeart Valley (also offered in print for a grand total of $45), and a crapton of other adventures.

The Essential Classic Fantasy RPG Collection from Humble Bundle is likely a lifetime of OSR gaming for you and your group for a mere 25 bucks. Sure, you can snag it for less (or more) but 25 bucks is a sweetspot you WILL NOT BEAT. Seriously.


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  1. FGG is really going all in with OSE. Did we ever find out what the break between them and Matt Fynch of S&W was?


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