Friday, August 5, 2022

Kickstarter - Old-School Solo Adventures by Gaming Ballistic (OSE)

First things first. I've known Douglas Cole for at least 9 years now. He was one of my regular players in The Tavern's "B-Team" about 7 years back, and we've remained good friends ever since. Doug is one of the most organized Kickstarter project managers I know, and I know a ton of folks that run Kickstarters. Aside from that, each Kickstarter Doug has run has been excellent to amazing in turnaround and quality of the product. The "due diligence" has been done with Doug, and he passes with flying colors.

Old-School Solo Adventures for OSE are four solo adventures for level 2nd through level 9 using the OSE rules. Yes, you can likely use the OSR ruleset of your choice without breaking anything. Additionally, if you want more OSE goodness, you can check out the Essential Classic Fantasy RPG Collection Humble Bundle for much more OSE-related titles, including the core boos in PDF.

I know the quality of Doug's work, and I don't think there is a Gaming Ballistic Kickstarter I haven't backed, regardless of the RPG system. Quality is consistent across systems. I'm in for Print plus PDF myself, and the Old-School Solo Adventures for OSE Kickstarter funded in an hour. I couldn't be more pleased.

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  1. Fans of old school solitaires might like to know that two of the very first published D&D solitaires from the late 70s are now available for download free here: https://explorebeneathandbeyond.blogspot.com/search/label/Original%20Scenarios%20Resurrected. They're authentic old-school dungeon crawls, and you have to map as you go. So far there's The Solo Dungeon (Richard Bartle, 1977) and P'teth Tower (Brian K Asbury 1978/9) - two more are to follow.


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