Thursday, August 25, 2022

Indiegogo - Deities of the Lost Lands: Gods of the Empires

This Lost Lands sourcebook details deities of the Hyperborean Empire and Kingdom of the Foerdewaith.

A system-neutral deities book supporting the system-neutral Lost Lands setting from Frog Games? I'm in!

Deities of the Lost Lands: Gods of the Empires is 18 in PDF, 35 in print plus PDF.

The Lost Lands is the campaign world of Necromancer Games and Frog God Games, home to locations now legendary in the annals of roleplaying, from the depths of the massive dungeons of Rappan Athuk to the city of Bard’s Gate, the Desolation of Tsar, the demon-tainted Sundered Lands, and the chaotic tumult of the Borderland Provinces.

The Hyperboreans first entered the historical record of the Lost Lands more than three thousand years ago when their legions marched south into the lands of Akados. For long years, their dominion was uncontested. Yet nothing lasts forever, and after their empire fell, a new one arose upon the ruins of the old, called the Hyperborean Monarchy of the Foerdewaith.

To this day, the worship of the gods of the old Hyperborean Empire and the now decaying Kingdom of Foere have dominated much of Akados, and even today are venerated in parts of the eastern continent of Libynos. These include such renowned deities as Thyr, Muir, Mithras, Jamboor, Belon the Wise, and Archeillus. Information about some of these gods has been sprinkled throughout many of the products published over the years by Necromancer Games and Frog God Games. Never before has the information about all of the gods of Hyperborea and Foere been included in one volume... until now!

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