Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Deal of the Day - RuneQuest 2nd Edition (1980)

I still remember picking up RuneQuest 2nd Edition back in the summer of 1986(?) at a small gaming convention at Columbia University. In the dealer hall, I was able to pick up RQ2 as well as the Pavis and Big Rubble box sets for 20 bucks. Sure, the boxes were water damaged and the core book had shelf-wear, but in between the worn cover and the slightly damaged boxes, the contents were pristine and new, and oh so well done.

I ran a near-daily RQ2 campaign the rest of that summer and into the fall semester. Seriously, some of the best RPG material I ever ran (I'd put WFRP 1ed in a similar category)

Until tomorrow morning at 11 AM eastern, you can snag the RuneQuest 2nd Edition (1980) rulebook for a mere 2.99 in PDF. Trust me, its well worth the price of a cup of coffee ;)

The classic that founded an industry - An entire fantasy role-playing game in one book

Freshly reprinted from the successful Kickstarter!

In July of 1978, the Origins Game Fair was held in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Over 3500 people attended what was the largest gaming convention in the US at that time. In the main hall gamers could pick up the latest games from all the major publishers: Cross of Iron by Avalon Hill, Atlantic Wall by SPI, and The Hall of the Fire Giant King module by TSR. In one small booth near a corner you could also purchase RuneQuest, the first Roleplaying game published by The Chaosium, a quirky 3 person company from the Bay Area. It sold out over the weekend, and every print run continued to do so for the next several years. 

This is the second edition of the RuneQuest rules in its final form, with all errata incorporated into the text. Additional material has been added to the appendices at the end.

RuneQuest took the young world of roleplaying games by storm; it cast aside many of the approaches most other games took. It had no character classes, no experience points, no levels, and far fewer restrictions on how weapons, armor, and spells could be used. Instead of a D20 it uses a percentile 01-100 system. It also has the built-in fantasy world of Glorantha. 

During what many consider to be the golden age of roleplaying, RuneQuest enjoyed its greatest popularity, second only to AD&D in sales. It won numerous awards, starting in 1978 with the Strategist’s Club Award for “Outstanding Miniatures Rules”, which may sound quirky, but that was because the industry had yet to create award categories specifically for roleplaying games.

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