Friday, July 8, 2022

Free OSR Adventure - The Sepulchre of Seven

Earlier tonight on the Random Party Generator Livestream, Matt Jackson mentioned The Sepulchre of Seven adventure module, which had maps from himself and Dyson.

The Sepulchre of Seven is a FREE OSE/OSR adventure for levels 5-7 and clocks in at 70 pages. At the price of free, you really can't go wrong downloading this well-rated adventure. I know I just did ;)

A free OSR adventure module for character levels 5-7

Designed for use with the Old-School Essentials ruleset, compatible with most old-school pen-and-paper RPGs.

Long ago a half-elf, half deer-centaur named Jayne led a small guerilla band against the armies of an evil fae witch.

They prevailed at terrible cost.

Over centuries, the Church erased all memory of Jayne’s fae nature.

Monsters moved into her hideout-turned-sepulchre, still haunted by Jayne’s ennemies and companions, and a ghost longing to complete his vengeance...

In this 39-room dungeon, adventurers will discover the fates and true faces of Jayne and her unremembered companions.

Will they get out with forgotten riches, or become the latest victims of a centuries-old tragedy?

The product includes: a fully-linked interactive PDF + player-friendly VTT maps.

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