Monday, June 6, 2022

Psst! I Hear You Want a Free Game Meter! Don't Worry, it's Free for Now, You Just Pay LATER!

"Hey kid! Do you wanna put someone else's rating system on your product? What? of course you do! What's that? A bait and switch? Lock you in at free and then charge you a kidney? Do I look like some swindler? Don't answer that! Just sign your "X" below. Don't worry about the details. Would this face fuck you over? Of course, it's "Open Source". I'm open about it that I'm the source of the meter. Hey kid! Where are you going?" - JL

Before I show you the contract, let me show you the meter:

Look at that! You get to give nuTSR free advertising on every product you sell. What a deal!

Now, here's the contract:

See, it just costs one kidney. At least you started with two...

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  1. I asked legitimate questions about this and got blocked for it by Mr. LaNasa. Now that I've read the license, I can only say that between the 365-day term of the license and the "Irreparable Harm" clause, you've have to an idiot to enter into it. (And that's not even accounting for the fact that a different publishers name and logo will be on your products....)

  2. I'm not sure we need to differentiate between 17+ and 18+. Like what do you gain in that one year.

    1. It uses the same age thresholds as the ESRB ratings for video games (Mature = 17+, Adults Only = 18+). I asked Jason a legitimate question about using the same terminology as the ESRB and linking to their web page so, guess what, he blocked me!

  3. Good lord. I hope no one falls for this shit.

  4. This also seems to be a solution in search of a problem. A "Mature Content" graphic is not exactly difficult for publishers to come up with themselves.

  5. That contract is ridiculous. It is also comical they think their "certified" opinion holds any merit at all.


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