Thursday, June 23, 2022

Humble Bundle - Treasures and Tehuatl Book Bundle (5e)

Frog God Games and a number of fellow publishers have a new 5e bundle on Humble Bundle - Treasures and Tehuatl Book Bundle. I must say, the content included is awesome. Tuhuatl is an extremely well-executed homage to ancient Central American cultures. The Folio R01-06 is a nice campaign for any edition of the rules. The Airde setting from Troll Lord is one of my favorite RPG settings of all time. The Tome of Treasures will convert easily to the OSR. Plus all the other adventures and material.

In my opinion, 18 bucks is the sweet point for the Treasures & Tehuatl Bundle as it gets you everything but The Tome of Treasures in print. It's 43 plus shipping if you want ToT in print.

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