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New Big Dragon Games Unlimited's Creature Cache is Now Available as Print on Demand and PDF

New Big Dragon Games Unlimited's Creature Cache is Now Available as Print on Demand and PDF
I know that Erik is rather forgiving with me here at the Tavern and I don't shill here too often, but when a friend comes out with something cool, I'm going to shill. Hell this time I even have a special mention on the project because the author is not just a friend, but my GM.......so I kind of helped playtest this thing.*

I'm certain everyone here will be relieved to know that my PC survived, thanks for thinking of him/me.

If you were a participant last year at NTRPG you might have seen the three-volume Creature Cache set that Richard LeBlanc Jr. had put out special for the con. If you weren't a participant Bad Mike *may* have some copies available for a future auction if you have to have the special edition pre-release.

Again, if you were at NTRPG you'd have gotten the spiel from one of the folks thanked in the book (Richard was largely missing from the con due to a surgery) that there was a 4th volume coming. Well it has come, but not as a separate volume. Instead Richard and New Big Dragon Games Unlimited (say that five times fast!) complied all four volumes into a single book, available as a softcover, hardcover, and (now) PDF (Lulu link for the printed books and DriveThruRPG for the PDF).

NBD Creature Cache (CC2)

Now I'm a fan of the digest-sized (ok, 6x9 so US Trade?) hardcover myself, but folks seemed to prefer the softcover. I know if I asked Richard really nice he'd gift me the PDF, but I'm not a big asker, so I went ahead and used this PDF link and a virtual Alexander Hamilton to get it off of DTRPG. Well I had to make sure the link worked anyway.....

So if you've picked up the Creature Compendium 1, which is free/PWYW on DTRG by the way, you know what you're in for and this is a no-brainer. Now CC2 (which is the Creature Cache) is a little different, largely because while every monster still has a pic, Richard didn't do all the art (actually any of the art) himself. Instead he combed through a bunch of old pulp comics and magazines and used art that is now public-domain.

I did something similar once myself when I found and old book of western Folk-lore creatures.....yeah not as easy as it sounds, well it wasn't for me. Richard does a good job and who doesn't want a bunch (200ish) new monsters for their OSR campaign?

Highly recommended and something I'm willing to spend my money on.......and I'm willing to bet more than a few folks here would be interested in this as well.


I got me a shout-out!


  1. I also purchased a print copy. I liked Le Blanc's earlier monster books.


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