Monday, May 2, 2022

Weird Frontiers RPG 50% off the PDF for Backers of the Far West Fiasco

David Baity (creator of the Weird Frontiers RPG) is offering a special deal for the backers of the Far West RPG Kickstarter, which is over 10 years late as I type this.

From David:

I’m a big fan of Tenkar’s Tavern, and one of the things I love about this guy is that he keeps up with those that don’t follow through on their KS campaigns. 

While I’m a year late on my own, the book has doubled in size and has quite a lot of additional products involved and Weird Frontiers is about to reach the fulfillment stage, so I thought it would be nice to offer Far West backers a deal on the PDF just in case you still have an itch for something weird and western! For 72 hours you can use the link to snag 50% off the PDF!

I'm putting the discount link on a Far West Kickstarter Backers Only Update, so make sure you are logged into Kickstarter to get the discount link.

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  1. While Weird Frontiers KS may be late, David Baity has been awesome with communication as things have progressed, he has dealt with a LOT of crazy stuff, but has communicated it as he went, I just wish I had had the cash to go in for the HC when the KS was running.


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