Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Deal of the Day - Sidequest Decks: Monster Hunts (Inkwell Designs)

I've been a huge fan of Inkwell Designs for years. Mapping programs, stock art, and Dungeonmorph Dice are all awesome resources. But the Sidequest Decks are where I've gotten the most use. I've used them to prepare a night's adventuring with literally 10 minutes of prep, as I always keep a deck or two in my gaming bag just for such occasions. I can't speak highly enough of the Inkwell Designs Sidequest Decks.

If you've never owned one of Joe's decks, today's Deal of the Day is your chance to grab Sidequest Decks: Monster Hunts in PDF for 2 bucks (normally $5 in PDF). I just realized I don't own this deck, so I'm springing for the print deck and will likely bring it to NTRPG Con, in case I run a pickup game or two ;)

This deck has nearly 70 sidequests centered on many different traditional fantasy monsters!

Each card is a mini-adventure. One side is an outline which starts with some background game master information then a couple of ways to begin the quest. Next are several key encounter ideas (use some or all of them or modify them, based on your party’s actions), and finally a follow-up idea or two. The other side of the card is the main map for the adventure. Need more maps for other encounters? Fan through the cards and you’re sure to find something that fits the situation.

Like most of our Sidequest Decks, each card is designed to be its own quest. However, this deck includes two cards which list which monsters are on each card. Combine that with a list of which monsters have what traits on the Inkwell Ideas website (search Inkwell Ideas Monsters by Feature), and you can pick a few sidequests for your PCs to collect monster parts needed to craft a magic item or perform an arcane ritual!

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