Monday, May 23, 2022

Humble Bundle - Starfinder Bug-Buster Bundle

I always felt that Starfinder never really found its niche in the RPG market. Not fully science fiction, not fully fantasy, it's some unholy conglomeration of the two. Or, to its fans, it's an amazing setting with a rocking system. From what I've heard via word of mouth, Starfinder seems to be finding its space legs.

The Starfinder Bug-Buster Bundle is your (and my) opportunity to give Starfinder a peek at a cheap price. IMHO, the $25 price point is the sweet point. $35 includes a print book, but it's NOT the core rulebook. Heck, for as low as $5 bucks you can get 11 titles and that includes the core rulebook. That's hard to pass up on, even if all you use it for is reference and inspiration. 

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