Sunday, May 22, 2022

Found a Cool New Board Game Aid

Found a Cool New Board Game Aid
I'm starting to loathe travelling for work.......I know, you don't care, I wouldn't in your shoes either. After my month in Germany I got a whopping 30 hours back home where I discovered one of my cats had passed (probably a week prior) and then on my turn-around trip I had my plane ride/seat cancelled five times, resulting in an overnight stay in O'hare (Terminal K was so much fun) and eventually a 6 hour car ride in a vehicle that costs 3x normal.

Again....why should you care?

Like so many things, my "normal" life inspires my gaming projects and everything effed up about my travels is inspiring me to figure out a rather large d30 travel table. I actually had a rough-up for today's post, but I'm not happy with the numbers and if you get too many events the whole table is worthless, at least in my eyes. Hopefully I can get it done by next weekend.

Tiny Epic Dungeons

On a plus side, for me, being back in the US of A means I can finally get my ass to a game store. It's a minor fix for my gaming addiction, but a fix is a fix. The closest store to my current location was so much "meh", but I did manage to pick up a new tiny board game that was good for 1-4 players: Tiny Epic Dungeons (link to original Kickstarter). This game store was more a CCG place with maybe one bookshelf of RPGs (all 5E) and another with board games. If it wasn't a CCG it wasn't priced, which was a turn off. Ends up I got this for the same price as the Kickstarter, but without shipping, so I figured why not? I'm hoping that I find it a fun game to play solo.

Now once again I fully expect the patrons here at the tavern to not really care so much about me getting a new game, especially since I'm not reviewing it.....BUT WAIT!!! THERE'S MORE!

Dized App

This small game box has quite a few small bits and bobs, along with a rather lengthy rule booklet. Not really something I'm going to warm up to quickly....BUT there is a freaking cool interactive game tutorial on Dized.com

I have never heard of dized tutorials and I'm going to go out on a limb and guess you haven't either. There are only about 40 tutorials right now, but there are some big name games here. The big deal here is that it is interactive and you basically play along with your game, enabling you to learn-as-you-go. There is a Dized app that allows you to download the rules, with search and FAQ, as well as the tutorial. Download what you need on the app (or even just online), grab your game, and just get going.

I'm really hoping that this app gets expanded because I would simply love to have a one-source go-to for instructions and tutorials for my many board games. Right now I have this accordian binder filled with a crap-ton of single page instructions & booklets. Just the multitude of Munchkin rules is a mess of sheets.

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