Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Further Details on My Upcoming Heretical Game Collection Downsizing - The Looting Will Likely Commence in July

I've mentioned my intention of downsizing my game collection on The Tavern's YouTube Channel, and I figured I should do a follow-up here at The Tavern. Over the past dozen years or so, I've accumulated a proverbial shit ton of gaming material, boxed games, and RPGs, much of which I will never play. That realization was not an easy one to come to, but now that I have, I need to embrace it fully.

As you can see from the picture above, which is just an example, I have boxed games still in the original wrap. I have RPG books where the spine has never experienced pages being looked at, let alone sat down and read. If I haven't enjoyed these games in the past dozen years, I doubt I will in the future. Simply put, it's time to downsize.

I DO NOT expect to see many OSR releases in the initial round(s) of the purge, but that may change. I've already fielded a number of inquiries, and in the next month or so I plan on putting the first round of the purge on a list along with pics. I'll likely put the items up for sale here on the blog side. Some of the more collectible pieces may be auctioned off.

edit: (Pathfinder 1e and some 5e releases will likely be in the initial mix)

The larger boxed sets are likely expensive to ship (and it should be noted, I won't be shipping out of the States), so I expect those will be delivered to interested buyers at Shire Con and/or Total Con, conventions I can drive to.

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  1. I can totally relate and should do the same, but I still have to say "Whoah there, cowboy! Don't do anything hasty! This is some serious next level madness. Downsizing isn't even a word and trying to use it in relation to gaming is just not right. Maybe you should seek counseling?!? Don't force the community to hold an intervention." :)

  2. As someone who has done that with Board Games recently I can relate. Great Intentions, Lack of Time.

  3. Well... I can understand the need. I'd certainly be doing this for my "video games" if they were mostly now on Steam... def have more than I can play.

    My RPGs, I really only collected AD&D with less than a dozen 3.x (and some side TSR stuff) back in the day (mostly lost in August's flood) and when I returned to activity in the hobby, all those like FGG/TLG/Hyperborea/DCC/SavageWorlds etc all were upstairs thankfully and I still have. DOUBT you have any TSR Premier 1E shrink Unearthed Arcanas ;) or even open 1E/2E Premiers, those are the only ones I am trying to look for these days of the "old" stuff cos I never owned them so I don't feel horrible about spending money on those (STUPIDLY also includes seeing a 0E one and saying - I never owned ANY 0e/Basic but $79? I'll wait for a sale or XMas and the comic shop closed and I forgot about it...)


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