Saturday, April 2, 2022

Kickstarter - The Heart of Chentoufi: Adventure in Luke Gygax's Okkorim

5e compatible scenario from Luke Gygax - the Son of Gary Gygax. Luke played 
Melf, authored Gaxmoor, Founded Gary Con, and now Okkorim!

I've known Luke for a number of years, although our opportunities to talk in person have been limited (the man is always running around keeping Gary Con running as smoothly as it can). I'm looking forward to having Luke as our Special Guest this coming Wednesday Night at 8 PM Eastern on the Talking Crit Livestream.

Recently Luke launched The Heart of Chentoufi: Adventure in Luke Gygax's Okkorim Kickstarter for 5e (although I am sure one could convert it on the fly to the OSR system of your choice). (Edit: Stretch goal has been hit. Troll Lord Games will be converting The Heart of Chentoufi to Castles & Crusades)

Luke Gygax and Matt Everhart bring you the City of Chentoufi, a 5th Edition adventure series from Luke's World of Okkorim campaign setting. The Heart of Chentoufi expands upon the information published in Luke Gygax’s Gary Con tournament scenarios, bringing to life the  last surviving remnant of the once glorious Ydrissid Empire - the city of Chentoufi. In this adventure, characters will travel below the city into the ancient meandering tunnels known as the Kannat, and travel even deeper into the cavernous reaches of the Dahloom, or Everdark as it is referred to in the common tongue.  

In the first adventure, our heroes learned of the artifact and that there were many people searching for this incredibly dangerous device created by the wizards of the long-dead Ydrissid Empire. At the end of the adventure, our party was left with a critical decision to make, and questions on how to proceed - in this book, those answers and more are revealed!

 PDFs of The Heart of Chentoufi start at 8 bucks. Print plus PDF is $25. There are additional levels as well as add-ons (and stretch goals that are being hit).

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  1. Luke is aces! And a co-creator of the Benchleydale sandbox. Up with Okkorim!

    1. Timothy, message me. Let's mend fences.

      - Flick Rare


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