Saturday, March 19, 2022

New PWYW -The OSR Guide to Playing 5e - Module Included (Playtest)

I'm not a huge 5e fan. I have nothing against the system in general, it's just more of a time investment to learn something I do not need to learn. That being said, there are many that DO play - and run - 5e. Some, such as JoetheLawyer, even have house rules to make 5e play more like an OSR game.

The OSR Guide to Playing 5e (PWYW) is a selection of house rules that can be used to make your 5e campaign play more like an OSR campaign. In addition, it includes a short adventure, that although nominally written for 5e, can easily be used with the OSR system of your choice.

As a bonus, Courtney Campbell is involved in the project, and you can't get more OSR than Courtney ;)

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