Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Bad Mike & I had Griff Morgan from the Secrets of Blackmoor Documentary as a Special Guest on the Talking Crit LiveStream

I don't normally post links to The Tavern's Youtube Channel as the very subject of a post, but I'm making an exception tonight.

I'm going to highly recommend watching tonight's Talking Crit LiveStream with special guest Griffith Morgan. The "behind the scenes" and "behind the camera" stories relating to the Secrets of Blackmoor Documentary were fun to hear for the first time, and I learned new pieces of the convoluted history of D&D and RPGs in general. 

Griff is an amazingly entertaining and knowledgeable guest to have on the livestream, and certainly someone Mike & I will have on again.

Here's the link to the Secrets of Blackmoor website, where you can find the documentary, Tonisborg, and more.

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