Sunday, February 6, 2022

Themed D&D Adventure: Rick & Morty

Themed D&D Adventure: Rick & Morty
I should be finishing up packing my house for my move next week, but I'm taking a break and re-watching Rick & Morty (waiting for my medication to kick in....).

Now I know this isn't OSR, but Ha$bro did make a Rick & Morty D&D box set. I keep seeing it in the stores as I travel and I've never picked it up, mostly 'cause it's not OSR and I don't know if I need another ruleset I'm probably not going to play. I did wonder about it though, because it might be a decent gaming-entry for some new players.

I have bought an adventure game-box or twelve in the past, but the majority of them were probably the old Basic Set from Waldenbooks. At one point they were practically giving them away and it was cheaper & easier to just buy a set for the dice than it was to track down a gamestore (especially when you're a kid with no means of transport) to get replacement dice. I was a fan of the D&D 3.5 gamebox because it was just a well designed piece of kit.

Anyway I'm pretty clueless about the Rick & Morty Boxed set.....is it just a "regular" set with comics and some light theming, or it is just straight-up Ricktastic?

A quick search and I did find a decent review online. It looks like it is just packed with show references and it looks like the players can play the family (not Rick) or an add-on fighter named "Meatface". Surprisingly enough there is even a playthrough.....so if you don't think you'll pick the set up you can watch it?

I'm thinking if we get a Season 6 I need to spend the $30 and pick this thing up. Then I need to come up with a drinking game that can go along with the season premiere and once everyone is slightly tanked break out the box set and play The Lost Dungeon Of Rickedness: Big Rick Energy.

Should be good to go by this fall......man I'm not sure I can wait that long. Maybe I should look at something for NTRPG?

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  1. I have a spare copy, minus the dice as I'm a dice goblin who loves the design of them, hence why I have two sets! I'll send it to you. Just drop me a line with how to contact you.


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