Tuesday, February 8, 2022

New Release - Batteries Low, Getting Dark (Gamma World 1e)

Continuing with the "mo secrets" aspect of the posts for 2022, I consider Thom Wilson a personal friend. He has participated in OSR Christmas for years and has had me as a Special Guest at Shire Con in September for the past few years (I still can't apologize enough for missing the last Shire Con this past September but my car had a mind of its own).

Thom is an excellent writer of old-school adventures and material, and he has a soft spot for games like Gamma World. Go figure ;)

Batteries Low, Getting Dark for Gamma World 1e was Kickstarted by Thom in 2021 and is now available on DTRPG for 5 bucks in PDf, 15 bucks for print. I've read my copy, and it tempts me to take my Gamma World 1e ruleset out of storage to run it as a one-shot.

While traveling along an old, westbound trail, characters notice a mysterious petrified forest within sight of their latest campsite. Upon investigating, they discover a pre-war manufacturing plant amidst the tall, stone-skinned trees. Lying hidden in the forest, the facility seems to be relatively untouched since the great wars. If the characters can find a way in, they are sure to find vast, untold resources within...

This adventure was designed for use with first edition Gamma World but can be adapted to any post-apocalyptic roleplaying game.

42 B&W interior pages, digest sized booklet.

For 1E Gamma World (sci-fi) adventures

Created for the North Texas RPG Convention, 2019

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