Sunday, February 13, 2022

RPGs and Dating......?

RPGs and Dating......?
I've mentioned a couple of times now that I'm in the (way to effing long) process of moving into a new home. It's shaping up to be easily a stressful month-long process and it's intruded somewhat into my gaming life. "Somewhat" because I have discovered that Minecraft is strangely calming and while it's not D&D, it's getting the job done for me.

No, this isn't going to be a Minecraft post. If you need some of that I highly suggest YouTube. Tons of videos there.

This week I was supposed to be slinging dice at my new place, but the GM bailed....to go out on a date. While the gamer in me says, "Really dude....a date?" The single 50 y/o in me totally gets it. In my gaming group only the GM and I are single. My old gaming group used to be made up of couples so Sunday was game night and dating just wasn't a potential pitfall.

These days.....gaming and dating don't mix very well. Lucking my gaming group is just every other Saturday night so the timing isn't too much an issue, although it could be. No the hardest thing is having the "RPG" conversation with a new date. I'd say maybe half of the women I get involved with think they get what my gaming is, with the other half just thinking I play Xbox...well just play Xbox. That 1st half that gets it.....no, no they don't. I've yet to have one understand that we use dice in our games. Yeah, if you've got to explain what a d20 is.....no bueno. Luckily most don't really care, or that's it's too early for them to express that they care.

No that's real life....in-game I've never had a PC "date" or even heard of that ever happening. Too cringey, most likely. Now I have run a married PC before, which was married to my (then) wife's PC. I know I ruffled my GM a bit 'cause I played things up a bit...because I could. Due to the nature of HackMaster's tournaments our PCs hadn't seen each other in a couple years game-time (they were Elves, so not that big of a deal?) so when they did get together, my PC demanded an extra week-downtime where he rented out a boat. Yes, I told the other PCs, in-character, "If this boat's a rockin', don't come knocking." I allege that it sounds so much more eloquent in Elvish.

Yeah, I'm generally coming back around to the opinion that gaming and dating don't mix. Adding a pre-existing relationship to the gaming table, probably....but a new date, not so much. Too bad that "Only Gamers" dating site from KoDT (not the actual name, mind you), doesn't exist.


  1. When my wife and I were dating, our Sunday ritual was her coming over to my apartment, me cooking dinner, and then watching Family Guy. Not every week, but often enough to be "regular."

    The first time she came over on a Sunday, we did the cooking and the watching. . . and then I said "well, time to paint miniatures. You can watch TV if you want." And then I left the room to go into my bedroom and paint miniatures. She was surprised to say the least.

  2. When it comes to dating, being passionate about a hobby is good. Being into co-op storytelling will interest the artsy types. Stating one is a Dungeon Master/Mistress can lead to roleplaying of a quite different kind. And the younger crowd just might roll a D20 and adk if it worked as a pick-up Line. :D

  3. Luckily my wife (when we were dating) was cool with me gaming every other Saturday afternoon (then) and is still cool with me gaming every other Saturday night (now) and hosting "Kids D&D" for our kids and their friends those same every other Saturday morning-midday.

    I dreaded "having the talk" with her when we were dating, but she just said, "oh, my brother played D&D in school. OK".


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