Thursday, February 17, 2022

Deal of the Day - Beyond the Wall - Further Afield

I am a huge fan of Beyond the Wall. It's an oft-forgotten OSR ruleset, but it truly has mechanics to drive the story, and I'd love to have a version or adaptation for Swords & Wizardry. Or just hack it on my own. Yeah, that's the ticket!

Today's Deal of the Day is Further Afield for Beyond the Wall. Normally it costs 5.99 in PDF, but until tomorrow morning you can snag a copy for 2.40.

An exciting supplement for convenient campaigns of Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures.

Sometimes heroes must wander…

Shadows gather throughout the world, threatening you, your village, your friends, and your family.

The lands are wide and wild, filled with dangerous foes and fantastic treasures. You are a little older now, ready to see the world far from the village, face the darkest threats, and make your own legend. It is time for you and your companions to leave home.

Travel further afield...

Just as Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures provides for an exciting evening of play with zero prep, Further Afield offers guidelines and rules to create and run an extended campaign in the same spirit. Now the players and gamemaster work together to create the myths, legends, and rumors of a unique setting. Included in this book are all the necessary tools to create your world, travel and explore within it, defeat great and terrible adversaries, and reap the rewards of adventures even further beyond the wall.

• Collaborative player-driven campaign creation for making your own shared sandbox. 

• Threat Packs for dynamic villains and dangers affecting the world beyond the village.

• Helpful hints and systems for integrating new characters into existing groups.

• Rules for creating magical items through your crafts, deeds, or sorcerous powers.

• Four Threat Packs, including the Blighted Land and the Vengeful Wyrm.

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  1. I used Beyond the Wall to start roleplaying with my kids. I think I told you on a stream one time that the first adventure we used was Under Tenkar's Tavern, so Eric Tenkar was one of the first NPCs they met outside of their village!


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