Monday, February 14, 2022

Bundle of Holding - Worlds of 2000 AD

I was a HUGE Judge Dredd / 2000 AD fan in my college days. There was just something about the comics - over the top, gritty, and far from other comic book fares for the time.

When I saw that ENWorld Publishing had the RPG licenses for 2000 AD and other related IP, I wasn't all that excited. Maybe it was the time between when I collected and now, or the fact that it used the WOIN System, which really didn't do much for me.

All that being said, for 7.95 for the Worlds of 2000 AD Rulebook Collection, including Judge Dredd & 2000 AD, Strontium Dog, Rogue Trooper, and the Judge Dredd GM Screen is a price point I can buy in at, even if only for the setting material and background stuff. The threshold price (about 19 bucks) includes the Adventure Collection with seven more Judge Dredd RPG supplements worth an additional $49, including the Luna-1 Sourcebook, five full-length adventures (The Apocalypse War, The Cursed Earth, The Judge Child, The Day the Law Died, and The Robot Wars), and the Case Files Compendium of short scenarios.

Bang for the buck, I suspect the Rulebook Collection is all I need. YMMV.

21 days left for this offer as I type this.

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