Saturday, February 5, 2022

New Release - Adventure Module V2 - Red in Tooth and Claw (OSR from BRW Games)

I've been attempting to make a special effort to reveal any connections I may have to the various products I highlight here at The Tavern. This post is no different. 

I've known Joe Bloch for a number of years (and got to meet him face to face for the first time at the Gygax Magazine launch in Brooklyn back in January of 2013 - my God, 8 years ago!)

When Joe put out his AD&D 2e "What If Gary had Written 2e Clone" Adventures Dark & Deep, it showed me that Joe really knows the OSR and game design. I ran his Castle of the Mad Arch Mage for well over a year. Joe's knowledge of Greyhawk is second to none. 

Joe's latest release is Red in Tooth and Claw, an adventure written for Adventures Dark & Deep but usable with an OSR ruleset. It's 2.95 in PDF and 5.95 in Print plus PDF

The southern verge of the Sesve Forest is beset by evil. Woodsmen are slain, villagers’ flocks and herds are rended asunder, and no one seems able to stem the tide of evil. But this is no ordinary pack of wolves threatening the forest precincts; they strike with supernatural cunning, behave with human-like strategy, and show a pure evil unknown to nature.

You and your companions must explore the southern edge of the forest and root out this pack of evil beasts before they strike again, and bring peace once more to the region. This adventure is the second in a trilogy of adventure modules, but can easily be played as a stand-alone module.

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