Friday, February 4, 2022

New PWYW - Mere Anarchy (1-Sheet RPG)

I've always enjoyed Dirk Stanley's work, and actually snagged some of his adventures for the Far Away Land RPG before I even bought the core rules. Quite simply, he does good work. Dirk, Vince Florio, and I even did a short-lived podcast for the Far Away Land RPG. 

(edit: Doh! And yes, that is Dirk's artwork at the top of this page)

So yes, I know Dirk. Yes, I am likely biased. But that's okay because Mere Anarchy is priced at PWYW pricing for two pages (1-sheet) and your risk (and investment) is literally nil (unless you tip Dirk for his fine work.

I suspect Mere Anarchy would work best as a convention game. Simple to learn, everyone can be given their 1-sheet of the game AT the game, and all one needs are some d6's.

Mere Anarchy is an ultra-lite, 1-page (front and back) rpg that uses a simple 2d6 system. You can learn the game and make characters and get started playing in minutes.

The game features unique and simplified systems for many things like NPCs and monsters and generating treasure.

  • Overview of basic mechanics
  • Character creation (with optional rules)
  • PC Advancement
  • Combat
  • Magic (freeform system)
  • Gear
  • NPCs & Monsters
  • Treasure

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