Wednesday, October 27, 2021

News - Supply Chain Woes Hit Hasbro

WotC previously announced that its planned holiday releases are being pushed back to January 2022. Now parent company Hasbro has revealed that it has about $100 million in various products that are caught in the snagged supply chain.

Hasbro logged $100 million worth of orders that went unfilled during its third quarter due to shipping supply chain disruptions, including capacity shortages and port congestion.

Shippers have faced both skyrocketing rates and delays as they try to get goods into the U.S. Larger players have more resources and more options to navigate the crisis, but no one can avoid it entirely. Hasbro Chief Financial Officer Deb Thomas said this summer that the company was seeing ocean shipping costs rise fourfold.


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  1. Keep in mind what happening is a global shift in buying habits and overall volume is up. If you look at the various Ports' websites they were posting upbeat pieces about how business was great and volume up. Then in late summer it start to shift to more of a "Ah business is perhaps too good" tone. And yes various covid related shutdown don't help however the core issue is that volume increased faster than port capacity.


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