Monday, October 11, 2021

Kickstarter - Dice, Runes, and Magical Artifacts for RPG's and Witchcraft

I've been trying to cut back on backing Kickstarters these last few months. It's not just recent supply and delivery issues that made me decide that, but also the large number of RPG Kickstarters that I've received and have yet to read. I doubt I'm unique with this issue :)

The Dice, Runes, and Magical Artifacts for RPG's and Witchcraft Kickstarter requires minimal if any reading. Instead, it offers props I can use in-game or simply display on my shelves. The offerings are not something I'd ever expect to find on the shelves of a game store.

I'm partial to the casting runes pictured above. Heck, they can double as 4-sided dice. And it's hand-made. How cool is that?

My name is David Savedge and I am a blacksmith and game designer. I have a studio and blacksmith's shop on my farm, Ravenstead.

Ravenstead is my home and family business, with smithing and metal work becoming a bigger part of what I do to provide. This current project will help better establish the workshop at Ravenstead.

When I'm not working on the farm or smithing, I'm thinking about games and gaming. I love classic tabletop role-playing games. I'm excited to share my new project with you!

I wanted to bring another unique and magical project to the gaming table or altar that involved some serious blacksmithing and pewter work!


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