Sunday, October 31, 2021

Do You Play a Seasonal Halloween Game/Session?

Do You Play a Seasonal Halloween Game/Session?
One thing I've always wondered, and maybe I should have been thinking about this last weekend, is if other gaming groups gather to play a holiday-themed session, whether it's a one-off or a regular integration. Maybe you play a different game altogether for the holiday.

Now my group had kind of a one-off this weekend, but it wasn't a holiday-themed game. Now I'm not saying I wanted a Halloween game....actually I didn't even consider it or I'd have made the suggestion. Now I know from my (unfortunate) time in retail that Halloween has pretty much become the #2 holiday after Christmas as far as consumer spending goes. I think it's still #3 after Thanksgiving as far as popularity, and for some it's easily #1.

Some folks just LOOOOOVE Halloween. Me....I'm a bit "meh". Probably doesn't help that my house is in a bad location and I just haven't had a single Trick-or-Treater since I moved here in 2018. I'm already so NOT a seasonal decorator to begin with, so why bother.

Should I stick with 00 Buck or switch to slugs?

It also doesn't help that I swear my part of Oklahoma gets like one week of Fall. Granted it's been this last week, but it'll pretty much be winter by like Tuesday. Hard to get excited about fall activities when you jump from Summer to Winter. I've got stuff to do during the fall and screwing around with Halloween isn't one of them.

So right about now I'm sure that I'm coming across all "bah humbug".....I know, I know, wrong holiday, but you know what I'm saying.....

A couple years ago I wrote a small Tweak & Toss that was kind of inspired by the movie "Motel Hell". If you're not familiar with the movie.....well there's a link for you.

The Horrors of Halfling Hollow Tweak & Toss

Now I don't really think if this Tweak & Toss as a straight-up Halloween "adventure", but if you are the type of GM that likes to slip a potential something-something into your regular campaign, it might work. It's not a scary setup by any means, but occasionally I do some meta-crap and the one thing I did was oversell the cover for those players that take too much notice of the "adventure's" cover (Something I think a lot of us have done as players....).

So while I was thinking of Halloween and this one Tweak & Toss I went ahead and took a second look at the thing. Ugh.....it had a link to a high-resolution map that was essentially lost when I close my Patreon campaign. So I fixed that and I made sure to change the "price" down to a buck and make it Pay What You Want. If you don't have that huge map, which you really didn't need anyway, not something I'd want a couple bucks for. 

Anyway, I know it's a bit of self-promotion, but Erik lets me do what I want on Sundays as it is, and since it's PWYW....feel free to grab it for $0. You can click on through to The Horrors of Halfling Hollow by clicking on the link or the graphic above. Do me a favor though, if you incorporate into your ongoing campaign, drop me a note to say how it went. Always good to hear from GMs.

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