Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Deal of the Day - Creature Feature Quarterly vol. 3 (OSE)

More monsters are always more better. Creature Feature Quarterly vol 3 from Jeremy Hart (check his stock art) gives us more monsters at a discounted price. Normally 6 bucks in PDF, until 11 AM eastern tomorrow morning, Creature Feature Quarterly vol. 3 (OSE) is on sale for $1.26.


16 new monsters for your OLD SCHOOL ESSENTIALS game.

+ Extensive Fluff including Descriptions, Lore, Ecology, Adventure Seeds and some ideas for memorable Loot.

+ Paper Mini designs for EVERY monster! Designed for easy print and play so you can easily get them on your table quick!

+ VTT tokens for EVERY monster if you prefer to play your oldskool on Roll20, etc.

+ The PDF is formatted to be easily printed at home on A4 sheets as A5 facing pages. (DIY!)


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