Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Crowdfunding - Down We Go | Infinite Edition (Old School RPG)

This is the first time I've looked at a crowdfunding project at GameFound.com. I may need to post on the various crowdfunding platforms folks can use to fund their gaming projects.

Back to the topic at hand. Down We Go | Infinite Edition supposedly "captures the heart of Old School tabletop RPG flavor with simple core rules. This globally-developed game includes procedures, adventures, hex crawls, and a new core setting. Venture to Infinopolis a twisting city that hungers for gold, jewels, and blood to keep it running. So grab a torch, grab a blade, and seek your fortune, as Down We Go!"

Sadly, Down We Go is following the recent trend of using text embedded in graphics for their funding page, and nothing looks shittier than a page full of graphical text on a blog. It uses d20s and d6s, so the basic mechanics should be familiar to most old-school gamers.

Softcover Zine plus PDF is 20 bucks. One page of the rules and a pdf of the said page is 5 bucks. Higher amounts for the hardcover. The fulfillment date is December 2021.

I'm likely in for 20 bucks. It looks interesting and I like to see the new releases.

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