Saturday, July 3, 2021

Gathering of Fools 2021 and the Possible Return of the Original Group

I no longer have PDF copies of my early releases, but one of my group had printed out copies a few years ago. I need to see if he still has the PDF files...

Today my old gaming group and I did what we've done once a year for many years - with the notable exception of 2020, not that that is a surprise - we gathered in memory of a good friend we lost when the towers came down on 9-11.

We drank good beer, ate good snacks, watch some good (and crappy videos), and did a lot of grab-ass. Well, Dave did much of the grab-assing, but that's how it is most every year ;) We topped it off with a nice dinner.

As is my usual, I came bearing gaming gifts of goodness. This year, it was copies of Basic Fantasy RPG as well as Adventure Anthologies 1 & 2 for BFRPG.

I heard something I'd never expected to hear from Dave: "These guys want me to run some 5e for them but I can't do it." They'd been talking that since 2019, and I had offered to run Swords & Wizardry or something similar, but 5e was the new shiny and they thought they could do it and I wished them luck and if they got it up and running I wouldn't mind joining in as a player. I never got the call.

This year I was told, "we'll play AD&D, Swords & Wizardy, BFRPG, or any ruleset or Erik's choosing." I'm torn between S&W and BFRPG. Once a month, scheduled a month in advance, likely using a combination of Roll20 and Discord, but the actual VTT may change. I'd like to kick it off in August, but we may need to wait till after the Labor Day holiday.

It feels good to get the band group back together ;)

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