Monday, June 14, 2021

There's a New Dungeons & Dragons Survey from WotC - Some Folks are Getting an NDA with Extra Questions

There's a new D&D survey from WotC and it asks, among the basic questions, which editions you've played in the last 12 months and what other games you play.

So yes, it's an opportunity to let them get some information on old-school gaming.

Also, some folks are getting additional questions with an NDA attached. I'm not sure how enforceable that NDA would be, but there has been some pushback.

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  1. Aw, no extra questions for me. Maybe I was too honest.

  2. "it's an opportunity to let them get some information on old-school gaming."

    Is it? I took the survey and the only vaguely OSR-related info I could give is that I played Basic D&D sometime in the past.

    Is the survey aggressively trimmed down based on some answers (such as, I didn't play any D&D lately, and I never played 5e)?

  3. I took the survey yesterday. Clicked the NDA it asked me to watch a video and then asked me if I could hear the audio. I said yes, but it hen closed the survey and didn't ask me any more questions.

    The enworld thread shows other people are also not getting the video or secret questions.

    So the NDA part was a silly annoyance but the broken survey was frustrating. Why have me watch a video if you are not asking me questions.

    Maybe the whole thing is a marketing scheme? To get people talking? All press is good press?

  4. Huh. Interesting. Wonder what this bodes for the future.

  5. Was hoping someone would share the "extra questions" here... ;)


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