Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Ken Whitman - Looking for New Fools - Involved with yet ANOTHER Kickstarter

I will say this about Ken "Whit" Whitman, he is stubborn and persistent. He simply can not give up Kickstarter. I suspect he keeps telling himself: "I'm only one project away from hitting it big!"

Ken's latest project "not his project but maybe" is Unmortal : Out of Time Short Film. Ken is listed nowhere on the Kickstarter page, but his LLC (or expired LLC) Little Monsters Entertainment, was involved in the worthless trailer.

The creator of the Unmortal Kickstarter, Robert Kostner, was also the creator of The Whittler Kickstarter, which Ken was most certainly involved in.

So, what did Mr. Kostner have to say when an inquiry was made about Kenny's involvement in the project?

"Thank you for reaching out to me. Our company has contracts with many independent companies, actors, and crew members, and we do run background checks on all of our contractors. Mr. Whitman has no legal or criminal activities on his record. During past meetings, he seems very respectful to all that attend. I do know of his past Kickstarter failures and assure you that Mr. Whitman is not involved with our company's business practices and is merely part of the creative team along with several dozen other talented contractors. Once again, thank you for your concern, and have a wonderful day."

Yep, I guess Robert left the "go fuck yourself for even asking!" part silent, but man, it still came through.

As I stated in the vidcast, I recommend backing for a buck just to follow this trainwreck.

Here's the accompanying vidcvast:

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  1. I hope Whitman is too small a part on the project to screw it up. I see Al Snow is featured and he's a genuinely good guy.

  2. Oily scumbags of a feather flock together, right? Kostner was already on my kickscammer alerts list, so no danger of accidentally giving him any money.

  3. I suspect he keeps telling himself: "I'm only one project away from hitting it big!"

    You are more charitable than I am. Of course what you think and what are willing to put into print are not necessarily the same.

  4. Dude got me for two Kickstarters (Spinward Traveller and Knights of the Dinner Table shows) and I was hoping he'd drop off the face of the Earth so I'd never have to hear his name again. He just can't quit when he's behind! He's like that dude who shouts "And one more thing...!" at you ten minutes after the argument is over.


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