Friday, June 18, 2021

Kickstarter - Atlas - Rise or Die: a tabletop roleplaying game

An indie, vintage, sword&sorcery RPG, full of blood, brutality, and barbarism. New races, classes and a new 2d10System on a new world.

Atlas – Rise or Die is a classic, vintage sword & sorcery tabletop RPG. In its style and mood, Atlas brings about the renaissance of the epic RPGs of the '80s with a modern, clean design and breath-taking illustrations.

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." The Princess Bride

vintage - The word vintage literally means "of age." How can a new game with a "new" resolution system be "vintage"?

Do I need to say more? Let's add in typos and grammar mistakes on the Kickstarter page. Doesn't make one confident

Oh, and fully compatible with D&D 5e, assuming you use 2d10 instead of a D20.

Hard pass.

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  1. All I know is that WotC should steal their art director. The art is way better than anything WotC is producing in their D&D products.

  2. I like that picture, but I also have no use for the game as described.

    Anyway, my KS money is earmarked for the third edition of AS&SH.

  3. Vintage has many definitions, one of which is "of, imitating, or being a style or fashion of the past" which would apply if the game is trying to evoke the feel of old pulp-era sword & sorcery fiction or of "epic RPGs of the 80s" - whatever they mean by that. Dragonlance, maybe? These folks demonstrably can't proofread their own work worth a damn and I wouldn't touch this thing with a ten foot pole, but calling them out for misusing "vintage" when they aren't doesn't make you look all that great either.

    Amusingly, "vintage" can also mean old, outdated, obsolete or outmoded. People sure do love using it to describe their work though, particularly in the OSR community.

  4. The creators are from Hungary ... English is not their first language, Erik. I think they can be forgiven for some spelling and grammar mistakes.


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