Thursday, June 10, 2021

Gamma World 1e Bundle - PDF - $9.99

Well, this caught me by surprise. There is a post-apocalypse sale going on at DTRPG and one of the highlighted bundles is a classic TSR era Gamma World 1e Bundle - core rules, Gamemaster Screen, and three modules for 9.99

As a side note, does anyone know why there are three different Gamma World logos for 1e?

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  1. The 1e GW game had two logos, the one on the box and the one on Legion of Gold. The second edition logo is on the GM screen and the Cleansing War module. They are 2e. 2e GW is basically a cleaned up version of 1e. No new rules.

  2. "As a side note, does anyone know why there are three different Gamma World logos for 1e?"

    There were really only two logos for 1e. Two of those covers are from 2e. GW3 is a 2e product (1983), and the cover for the GM screen is the 2e-version. The 1e version of the screen had a cover by Erol Otus and a logo like the logo on GW1 and GW2.

  3. I won’t buy it from WOTC so long as they have that disclaimer on it. I don’t buy from companies that call me a bigot, I’d rather buy the original box set on EBay or sail the high seas for the pdf.

  4. Despite being billed as a “1E bundle,” both the screen and module GW3 were for the 2nd edition (the 1E screen featured an Erol Otis cover). Both GW1 and GW2 were published for use with the first edition of Gamma World. The different editions account for the differences in trade dress.

    And, YES, there ARE rule/system differences between 1E and 2E Gamma World. Not sure all these products are compatible!


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