Thursday, May 20, 2021

Humble Bundle RPG Book Bundle - Pathfinder Second Edition Bestiary by Paizo

Pathfinder 2e released in August of 2019. In July of 2020, Paizo had their first Pathfinder 2e Humble Bundle. Now, In May of 2021, they have their second Humble Bundle for Pathfinder 2e less than 2 years after launching the ruleset. It's Crazy Eddie level of insane ;)

One hell of a way to kill off your sale of Pathfinder 2e PDFs, when your customers know new PDFs will be available dirt cheap in a year or so.

The current Pathfinder 2e Humble Bundle adds in a Print copy of the Pathfinder 2e Bestiary for 35 bucks, and that includes ALL of the PDFs that will be shown above and below. Currently, a print copy of the 2e Bestiary is 49.99 at the Paizo store and 37.49 for a "non-mint" copy.

The PDFs of the Six-Part Extinction Curse Adventure Path are 17.99 apiece at the Paizo store.

I am sorely tempted to grab the Pathfinder Second Edition Bestiary Humble Bundle at 25 bucks, not for the rules, but the OGL Bestiary that I can crib from, the adventure path, the map packs, and more. 

Somehow it seems like a desperate cash grab by a failing company, but who am I to turn down the wish of a failing company? I'm sure my 25 bucks will return my investment many times over. 

About the only thing Paizo hasn't done to raise cash is to release its ample library of Adventure Paths for 5th Edition D&D. One can only hope, as that would make for easy conversion of such to OSR use ;)

A huge tip of the hat to The Taverner that gave me the heads up on this Humble Bundle. :)

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  1. Used your link and ordered... giving the Tavern a nice tip. Thanks for what you do sir!

  2. This is sad...there are some really good ideas in Pathfinder 2e, which can be more easily seen in context of their Basic Box. I firmly believe the foundation of 2e is strong and could produce a really good game — if it were simplified. Unfortunately, Paizo overcomplicates a good thing because their business model demands it and maybe their customer base is tired of it.

  3. I thought Humble bundle was charity? Does Paizo or other publishers get some sort of tax benefit from it?


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