Monday, February 22, 2021

State of The Tavern - I Missed a Day of Posting, and it Was Good ;)

I can't believe I'm saying it. I totally missed putting up a post on Saturday. The first time The Tavern had a postless day in over 7 years, although much of that streak is thanks to Chris Stodgil stepping up and assisting during my hospitalizations in 2020, and covering Sundays on a regular basis now. It truly is a team effort.

So, what emergency caused me to miss posting on Saturday?

None whatsoever. 

Could it be that 2 1/2 weeks of near-daily and often multiple livestreams caught up with me? That could be part of it but in the final analysis, I think the answer is an easier one.

I was distracted.

By what, you may ask? An idea that is NOT quite ready for prime time, and won't be announced until it is ready. In truth, I was so psyched on Saturday, that I was afraid I'd spill the beans if I did post, so I think the idea was to bleed off some of the excitement before posting. That didn't work out so well, as I never posted, but thought I had. Heh.

Ah well. Back to working on this new project as well as tying off some loose ends on Torchlight #1.

As I mentioned in last night's Livestream of Gamers' Health, the three hospitalizations in 2020 took a toll on me, not just physically (physically I'm currently down 50#s and feeling better than I have in years) but also mentally. I spent the last half of 2020, and the beginning of 2021, considering the idea that when I went to sleep at night, I might not wake up in the AM. I no longer have that fear, or if I do, it is no longer a controlling and distracting factor. In retrospect, it crippled my creativity, and I'm glad to have refound much of my mojo :)

Thanks to all for the support, and I hope to have something to announce fairly soon. Heck, I've even arranged for a logo and stuff ;)

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