Thursday, January 7, 2021

Deal of the Day - Into the Wyrd and Wild (OSR Setting Book)

I always enjoy a good setting book, but ones that are more sourcebook and GM tool are priceless. Into the Wyld and Wild looks to be the second type. I think I need this book. Normally 19.95 in PDF, its 9.97 until tomorrow morning.

Into the Wyrd and Wild is a supplemental book for those seeking to incorporate a weird and terrifying wilderness into their role-playing game. Players and GMs who enjoy a level of horror and prefer the sweeping, darkened landscapes of forest and mires to the well-trodden cobblestone of dungeons need look no further when it comes to books. Presented within the book is a light overhaul of the adventuring system, modified to fit better with a campaign centered around forays into the frightening wilderness.

The book contains:

Rules for wilderness travel and survival

Rules for Moon Cycles and strange phases.

Rules for hunting, tracking, and butchering monsters.

40+ dangerous and terrifying monsters.

40+ strange and savage items.

40+ spells and rules for channeling the Wyrd.

An essay and guideline on running and creating "wilderness dungeons."

A step-by-step guide for generating your own wilderness adventure.

100 random wilderness locations.

Tables upon tables of random diseases, wilderness dressings, traps, hazards, flora, encounters, and MORE.

All illustrated with over 150 pieces of original art.

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