Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Ken Whitman is Apparently Giving Away IQ Points

Ah, sweet, sweet Ken Whitman. Ever so generous Ken apparently awarded Marcus King some bonus points in IQ. I guess Marcus made IQ his dump stat and Ken was being a generous GM. Seriously, other than how to effectively scam people via Kickstarter, the local film industry, and/or comic book sales, what else can Ken really instruct anyone on? How not to run a Print-On-Demand business perhaps? Maybe how to print your own copies of rare cards for collectible card games? The mind boggles at the very thought...

I understand that Marcus feels indebted to Ken for apparently saving his life many years ago when (details of which are vague), but this is some cult-like adoration at this point.

In any case, thank you Ken (and Marcus) for closing out 2020 (a hellish year, pandemic or no) in a very appropriate way ;)

Tip of the hat to one of The Taverners for the above screenshot

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  1. Wow...just, wow. Such a level of ass kissing that I’m speechless. Too early in the new year for this much nausea.

  2. Clearly, they were playing D&D and Marcus’ PC was given a scarlet and blue Ioun Stone as a quest reward. Marcus: Great player write-up of your session! It’s great to see the old guard playing D&DNext!

  3. For eight years I stopped paying attention to stuff like this And just focused on running games. Now I am blogging again a bit and I am gob smacked to see this kind of stuff still goes on.

    Years ago Grognardia had blog posts about a fairly average DM running vanilla game sessions for half interested friends who wanted to talk about movies and TV shows more than play DND. That turned into a crowd fund that boasted about a legendary dungeon by a legendary DM and that people should pony up for the pleasure of Playing run of the mill type stuff. And they did. They coughed up the dough. And we saw what happened. How in the hell do gamers still get hoodwinked by this stuff.


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