Sunday, December 27, 2020

Merry Christmas & a Belated "Gift"


Merry Christmas & a Belated "Gift"
Friday was Christmas and hopefully you all had a great holiday weekend and got everything (within reason) you desired. I still didn't get a wood-grained OD&D set, but then again I never asked Santa for one either......

Don't get me wrong as I cannot complain since I was able to cheaply fly "home" for the holiday. Time spent with family & friends is a damned fine gift if you ask me.

Since it is Christmas however, I think I should give you fine readers a gift, but what can I give? Well, I'm not in a position to give much of anything but I can at least point you to a great website that you should find useful for years of gaming goodness. The only gift I can freely bestow in this medium is tge gift of knowledge....

Donjon RPG Tools is an awesome collection of tools (mostly random generators) that will undoubtedly make some aspect of your game easier. If you weren't already aware of Donjon.......well, it's a gift. If you were aware, but haven't used it lately.....you need to see what's been added.

I hope you get to use these tools soon at your table and may 2021 be a better year for slinging dice with family & friends.

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