Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Bundle of Holding - GDW Traveller (the Little Black Books - LBBs)

Traveller was my introduction to sci-fi RPGs. The system was simple enough, my only complaint was the lack of learning new skills as written. Still, as a GM you didn't need to track or award XP, and that was probably a blessing unto itself ;)

My introduction to Traveller was the Starter Set, with the first three books effectively rolled into one. Ah, sweet memories of rolling up Traveller Characters when I had "book room" duties. As you characters could die during character generation, it was a game within a game :)

Bundle of Holding currently has two Traveller Bundles up for grabs. The first one offers the core Traveller books and supplemental materials. 6.95 for the Starter Collection, about 18 bucks for the Bonus Collection.

Traveler Bundle #2 has a collection of adventures and supplements:

The Starter Collection (@7.95) has:

TWO supplements: S03 The Spinward Marches and S04 Citizens of the Imperium

SEVEN adventures: A00 The Imperial Fringe, A01 Kinunir, A02 Research Station Gamma, A03 Twilight's Peak, A04 Leviathan, A07 Broadsword, A08 Prison Planet

EIGHT Double Adventures: D01a Annic Nova, D01b Shadows, D02a Across the Bright Face, D02b Mission on Mithril, D03a The Argon Gambit, D03b Death Station, D04a Marooned, D04b Marooned Alone

The Bonus Collection adds (for about 19 bucks):

THREE more supplements: S06 76 Patrons, S07 Traders and Gunboats, S10 The Solomani Rim

FOUR more adventures: A10 Safari Ship, A11 Murder on Arcturus Station, A12 Secret of the Ancients, A13 Signal GK

SEVEN more Double Adventures: D05a The Chamax Plague, D05b Horde, D06a Divine Intervention, D06b Night of Conquest, D07a A Plague of Perruques, D07b Stranded on Arden, D08 Memory Alpha

FOUR Special Supplements: SS01 Merchant Prince, SS02 Exotic Atmospheres, SS03 Missiles (plus SS03a Missiles Revised), SS04 The Lost Rules

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