Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Introducing the Weekly Tenkar's Tavern Community Mailing List

Actually, the link is later in this post and permanently above the post ;)

As a community, the OSR lacks a comprehensive news site. Sure, The Tavern covers some news stories, but much of the ongoing events, interesting posts, amazing podcasts, and the like simply do not get seen by all the eyes or heard by all the ears they should be. Especially from those that are part of the larger Tavern Community.

This is my idea to address that omission.

I'll be putting together an email list that is free to join and free to contibute to. Quite simply, if you have a new blog post, fresh podcast episode, vidcast share, new OSR release, current Kickstarter, upcoming convention, zine or the like, email me at tenkarsDOTtavern @ that gmail thing. Use "Mailing List" in the subject line. Include a link and a short two sentence levator pitch / summary of your content. If you have new content you'll want to email weekly.

Yep, weekly. I'm hoping this will be relatively timely. Entries in by Saturday will be in the mailing that goes out the following Sunday / Monday.

Want to subscribe? Here's the link to the Weekly Tenkar's Tavern Community Mailing List.

I won't sell or rent your email address to anyone. It will soley be used for this mailing list.

Recruiting players for your Swords & Wizardry (or Labyrinth Lord, or 1E, etc) VTT Game? Send an email with your 2 sentence pitch and contact info and we'll put it into the weekly update.

The possibilities are endless.

The more that participate the successful the list will be. Join us!

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