Thursday, July 23, 2020

Premiere Episode of the Talking Crit Podcast with Bad Mike & Tenkar - Special Guest Greg Gillespie (Barrowmaze)

Last night we recorded the premiere episode of the Talking Crit Podcast. Sure, Mike & I have recorded some Talking Crits on my Tavern Chat Podcast, but now we are spinning it off as it's own weekly podcast.

Greg Gillespie joined us and we had a blast. Pour yourself a drink, pull your chair up to the bar and join us as we all Talk Crit about gaming :)

Link: Talking Crit Podcast

Currently available on Anchor, Spotify, and Pocketcasts. Other platforms are pending.


  1. I listened to a podcast of yours for the first time to hear what Greg Gillespie has to say. At the start of the interview, you guys don't even remember the titles of his books. Then you yap at great length (45 minutes) with gossip about the scandals of other game designers and gripes about WotC that you already blog about, and mostly you ignore your guest, except to ask him for his take on shock value in game products. (Gillespie says he doesn't rely on it because of its diminishing return.) At 49 minutes he gets to say something about his view on racism in role-playing games, but it's still a comment about your beef about WotC's screw-up.

    You have a professor who knows the history of role-playing games very well showing up on your podcast, who can also tell you all about the widely-enjoyed adventure scenarios he wrote, and you guys talk most of the time about your pet political issues as if he's not there. At 1:07 you run out of things to say for a moment and plug your own thing. Then, at 1:11, after 71 minutes, you *finally* ask him what he's writing now. A hex crawl. Then it's over. You're lucky your guest is so gracious!

  2. First, it isn’t an interview. Greg asked to join us and simply hang out.

    Second, Greg explicitly told us he wasn’t promoting anything. See Number 1

    Third, we have no intentions to do interviews. Interviews are staged and boring.

    Finally, thanks again to Greg. After we finished recording we were all still yapping for another 15 minutes or so.

  3. Big fan of this podcast and I agree with everything said regarding WoTC. They have burned some bridges that likely will not be rebuilt now. I will take my copy of OSE and not look back.
    Also, Greg mentioned he did not know how many fans he may have, but I am a life long fan of his and will buy and run anything published. His dungeons and adventures are that perfect old school feel, with some fun campy tropes through in that make for an ideal D&D game.


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