Saturday, June 27, 2020

Luke Gygax Statement re: Sale of Gary Gygax Estate Items at The Collector's Trove

The following is from Facebook and is shared without comment:

Luke Gygax:
Heads Up Collectors: Gail Gygax is auctioning items that may be part of my father’s estate through Paul Stormberg and the collectors trove- his business. There is a legal action filed to open probate and recognize the Last Will and Testament of my Dad that I was only made aware of late last year. Gail is contesting the Will because it leaves some items to my siblings, Ernest Gary Gygax Jr. Elise' Gygax-Cousino Heidi Gygax Cindy Gygax, including the rights to his legacy after Gail passes away. Currently there is nothing illegal about Gail selling the estate items in auctions but in my opinion, it is immoral. If you agree please don’t bid on them. And I let Paul know about this months ago as well.  So he is choosing to do this with full knowledge.


Luke Gygax:
For full disclosure there are questions as to the ownership of the property being auctioned on behalf of Gail Gygax. Paul is aware of the questions and although not illegal it is morally questionable. There is an action in Walworth county to open probate and execute the Last Will and Testament of Ernest Gary Gygax initiates by my siblings minus Alex. It is being contested by Gail because it leaves items to us and she doesn’t want to part with anything despite what the will says.


https://anchor.fm/tavernchat/episodes/E754---I-Find-Some-Overlooked-Details-in-the-Current-War-of-Wills-of-the-Gygax-Estate-eg0sdl (Observations)


  1. I speculate that *if the will has clause to rights, Gygax magazine was rightous. I would love these to be in the hands of the estate's heirs.

    1. According to Luke in a Facebook comment, it doesn't:

      "Question from another: Luke Gygax, If you prevail with the will, does Gail no longer have ownership rights to the D&D show material? [Edit--I think the question is talking about the physical asset of the show cells]

      Answer: that’s not determined yet. The Will leaves life rights of all IP to Gail. IP often includes artwork. Also Gail was witness and executor which may be problematic legally"

      So, based on this comment, even if this second will (which I assume has some more favorable terms for Luke and the other kids) is validated by the court, Gail both has full rights to all of Gary's IP and was the executor anyway.

  2. How did this turn out? Seemed to go quiet rather quickly! How about a follow up?

  3. Any follow up to this almost 2 years old a this point.


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