Thursday, May 28, 2020

Tavern Update - Forthcoming MIA and Summer Plans

Tomorrow I have Pre Admission Screening for a procedure on Monday. So, I wont be posting next Monday or Tuesday - but you're in good hands, Chris will be back (more on Chris later :)

After I'm home and settled in there are various projects and the like I've had planned for a while that should start taking shape. We'll get Th4e Tavern hosted game weekend up and running virtually, hopefully by the end of June (what with nearly all of the major conventions canceled or transitioning online). I'll return to writing regular gaming content for sharing here at The Tavern and hopefully resurrect the Torchlight Zine.

Tavern Chat will start its Fireside Chats again and Rach and I will be doing a regular Gamers' & Health podcast within the podcast.

Welcome to Tenkar 2.0 ;)

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