Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Limited Time Availability (Though May 31st) - Scents & Sensibilities - Frog God Games (S&W, 5e, PF)

Normally you would expect something like Scents & Sensibilities to be offered via Indiegogo, but why not cut out the middle man? :)

8 bucks in PDF, 20 bucks for Print plus PDF
Our exclusive Game Day module, Scents & Sensibilities, is now available for pre-order! To guarantee a physical copy you will need to pre-order by May 31. We expect physical copies of the module to ship by June 30. The PDF will be added to your account shortly after May 31, and we will send an update via the newsletter when they are available for download. 
Shipping Note: We are not able to combine shipping charges for ordinary website sales with this pre-order. 
Scents and Sensibilities is a three-part resource for those who choose to challenge their players with the foul-smelling monsters known as stank hogs. The first section is a short adventure called The Manufactory of Fumario, and the second section is an erudite discussion of the stank hog (Sus noxium). The third section contains statistics for adult and young stank hogs. 
The Manufactory of Fumario is suitable for 4–6 characters of level 1-3. The adventure begins with the characters encountering Fumario, a perfume-dealer who travels among strange worlds and even other planes of existence. His manufactory travels with him, and the characters (as heroes do) stumble into a bizarre encounter with him. Fumario’s methods and motivations are inexplicable, but this is usually the case with supernatural patrons…

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