Saturday, May 30, 2020

Deal of the Day - Lords of Olympus Diceless RPG

Today's Deal of the Day is the Lords of Olympus Diceless RPG. I own a few diceless RPGs, going back to Amber and one day I'd like to play one of them ;)

Normally 14.95, until tomorrow morning Lords of Olympus Diceless RPG is on sale for 5.95.
Portray gods and demigods -- children of Olympian Gods, Titans, or Primordials in this diceless roleplaying game of multi-dimensional mythology Fantasy. Explore new realms or the classic worlds of Earth and Mythological Greece. Visit Zeus' Olympus, Poseidon's Seas, or Hades' Underworld. Mix politics with intrigue, alliances with wars as power-struggles and vengeance drive stories. Or, go the route of lesser power with mortals and heroes. 
Lords of Olympus provides a new and original game inspired by the rules of the most successful diceless RPG of all time. The goal of this book is to not only be successful and enjoyable as a game in its own right, but also maintain the interest of players seeking out and experiencing the original and greatest diceless roleplaying game. 
Immersive Game-Play
  • The focus is on roleplaying and the story, fostering creativity.
  • Players bid for ability classes, so they get a say in how powerful their characters are in certain areas.
  • Relationships between characters promote intrigue and drama.
  • Characters are godly in their ability and powers for grand conflicts and escapades.
  • The scope is epic, from a single world, such as Classic Earth, to those of the characters' design; even futuristic and modern worlds can be imagined.
  • The diceless system promotes quick gameplay, since there are no tables to consult, dice to roll, or rules-lawyering.
  • Build stories around the Greek Pantheon or use the rules for your own settings.
  • Explore limitless stories of adventure: pit characters against each other or team them up to take on greater threats.
Full-Color PDF (same as the color softcover)
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  1. Amber was my original go to RPG back in the day, glad to support and add in my favorite pantheon. :)

  2. Cool someone plagiarized Amber, bout time ! Everybody has already plagiarized D+D to death and even James Bond now, glad to see the theft of ideas continues ! Who is the proud thief who slapped his name on this copy of another man's work ?


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