Monday, January 13, 2020

It's Been a While Since I've Dropped in on Dragonsfoot

I know I've told this story elsewhere, but at my first NTRPG Con back in 2014, I had an in-person Dragonsfoot sighting, kinda sorta ;)

The Wednesday night before the convention we (Rach and I) arrived at our hotel. Not knowing ANYONE we decided to use the hotel pool. One other was using the pool at the time, a male probably in his late 30s.

Rach decided to introduce us because she figured he must be here for the convention too, and EVERYONE read Tenkar's Tavern. She couldn't have been more wrong. Heh. My proud wife dropped my name and the other swimmer had no clue who I was (and he was there for the convention). Rach was confused. How could this be?

I asked him if he read blogs. The answer was no. Then I asked which forum he frequented? Dragonsfoot. There was my answer :)

It's been my experience that the audiences for blogs and forums, while they do overlap to some extent, certainly favor one over the other depending on the individual in question.

The thing is, not going to Dragonsfoot can mean missing out on some damn good stuff. Free stuff. I'm not even talking about the message boards. No, I'm talking about the AD&D 1e, BFRPG, C&C, and so much more downloads section. If you want access to high quality and abundant material for your OSR campaign, you can do your one-stop shopping at Dragonsfoot.

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