Sunday, January 12, 2020

Kickstarter - Make 100: MeepleCraft Mini Maps (Leather Maps)

"Handmade postcard-sized leather maps for display or use in RPGs!"

I love maps. I have little ability to do so myself, which is probably why I like them so much ;)

The Make 100: MeepleCraft Mini Maps Kickstarter brings those maps to 4"x 6" leather pieces. Yes, maps on leather. I'm not sure if I need one, but I want one. At 30 bucks a pop, I think I can afford it too.
Each map will be roughly 4" x 6" in size and backers will have the option of keeping them rectangular or having the edges scalloped in a way that resembles the style of maps seen in fantasy settings.  As we get more maps made I will update here with more photos showing examples of the types of maps you may expect with the different tiers.   
The Mini Maps project will hopefully be the beginning of future cartography projects for me.  While this project isn't about making custom maps (backers will receive a random map of our design from the tier they selected), I can see this as great practice for making larger, custom maps that will enhance an RPG setting.  Backing this project will help me learn more skills and build experience (basically - I'm hoping to level up) in order to bring forth something bigger in the future.

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