Sunday, December 22, 2019

Kickstarter - Mythic Mugs - 3D Printable Fantasy Can Holders

"STL-files of accessories designed for the tabletop RPG community and anyone who loves nerdy decoration."

It seems like every couple of weeks there's another Kickstarter telling me why I need a 3d printer. The Mythic Mugs Kickstarter is simply another Kickstarter to add to the long list. Well. that and your bartender already collects beer steins - how far off is s=this Kickstarter? Not very ;)
The Mythic Mugs is a series of 14 highly detailed can holders, taking classic fantasy elements and putting them into mug form. They come as 3d-printable, hi-res and supportless stl-files.  
They are able to hold a wide variety of can sizes by using a unique can holding system that comes with the mugs. The Mythic Mugs can inserts allows the following cans to be used: 25cl, 12oz sleek, 33cl, 12oz, 16oz and 50cl. OR, scale the mug up by 10,625% and it will be able to hold 23oz, 23.5oz and 25oz (73mm diameter cans). The Mythic Mugs have been designed as can holders and you should not drink from them directly. We have listed alternative usages and ways to drink from them in the bottom of the page. 
Fuck me. I need o buy a new home of I want a 3d printer. Le sigh.


  1. 3D printing is a hobby all in itself with a semi-steep learning curve. There are 20 commercial licenses with this KS (I'm one of the commercial licenses backers) so I'm sure you'll be able to buy prints on Etsy or e Bay or somewhere. Let me know if you are interested in a print of the Lion's Brew mug since it's already available.

    1. Hi Reid,

      We're still getting our online shop setup, but you can reach us via fb.me/vz3dworks. I set an initial price of $20 plus shipping for each mug, but an still finding the right price point (no clue what the other commercial backers will charge). So message me from the FB page and we can discuss.


      PS, sorry, didn't mean to hijack this post for free advertising. Was actually planning to offer a free sample to Tenkar. 😁


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