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Friday, October 4, 2019

Wendy's Releases RPG - Feast of Legends (5e Inspired)

Yes, Wendy's - the fast-food chain - has released a free RPG. It uses the D&D 5e "inspired" RPG (it doesn't appear to use the OGL).

Download link to Feast of Legends.

Have I read it? No. But if you do a Google search, it is being written about ALL over the net. As a marketing tool, Wendy's hit a home run.

I've heard some chatter that releases like this are going to hurt indie game producers. I don't think that will be an issue, as no one is going to play this more than once. That being said, the quality looks high.


  1. Oddly, no writer/artist credits that I can see, nor is there any OGL info. It's a high-quality "stealth" release marketing gimmick, but there's a lack of info as to WHERE it came from or who created it.

    Might make a fun evening at Gary Con once I've had a few beers.

    1. According to Daniel Fox, the creator of Zweihänder, the Wendy's RPG was created by the ad agency VMLY&R.

  2. Art credits are given in the back but no writing credits.

  3. p. 92 has "ILLUSTRATIONS Alex Lopez, MAPS Collin Fogel".

  4. I seriously can't believe anyone considers this a threat to indie producers. People weren't that hard up for quality free-to-download games before this novelty product dropped.

    1. I'm having trouble understanding what the fear is here. That fast-food RPGs are going to dry up the audience for indie RPGs? That the indie producers are going to go commercial? That high production values in a marketing release are going to kill the taste for fanzines? I'm honestly boggled.

  5. I haven't finished reading yet, but this is absolutely awesome (hilarious even). I wish I were the genius behind it! Plenty of fun to be had with the material.

  6. Someone who works for Wendys (somewhat high up) posted to Twitter that he was so happy their creation was finally out in the wild. Unclear if he was the writer, or just one of the players that's been playing this for a while amongst the Wendys execs.



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