Thursday, October 3, 2019

Death Threats from a Kickstarter Project Creator to a Backer - A Real WTF Kickstarter!?!

There are times I am simply left speechless. This is one of them. Thanks to Jamie Chambers for sharing these screenshots on Facebook. As an aside, the project looks like a simple cash grab IMHO.


  1. Wow, and the dumpster fire kickstarter is still up and running

  2. guys a criminal as well;wap2

  3. Wow, the comment section is a bit insane..

  4. Creator is now just constantly posting his...I dunno, "bio"? the Comments section over and over and over. Oh yeah, he's lost it. very, very surprised KS hasn't shut down this shitshow.

  5. Even KS loves a good train wreck.

  6. I notice this "project" has raised $35 from 35 backers. So ALL the "backers" are apparently people who have pledged a buck just so they can comment.



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